Nomadic Solutions

Designer of innovative solutions and value-added reseller, Nomadic Solutions has been marketing a range of hardware solutions for sustainable mobility, geolocation, traceability and security of the company's mobile crews for more than 16 years.
Nomadic Solutions also offers products from its own R&D efforts such as EcoGyzer ®, an eco-driving solution, NSWeight, an ADAS retrofit to evaluate the mass carried by commercial vehicles, and NSDrums, a complete suite of applications (Web & Android) and beacons for cable drum management.

To date, Nomadic Solutions has distributed more than 130,000 beacons, in indirect mode via a network of some thirty integration partners working in France, Europe and throughout the world, mainly in Benelux and Africa.


You are welcome to ask us specific developments in our fields of expertise!

Nomadic Solutions, has €280k capital , and is member of the MOV'EO a dedicated cluster for mobility, the ADAS group, ATEC ITS and Réseau Entreprendre.