About us

Innovative solutions designer and added value distributor, since 12 years Nomadic Solutions sells product range for sustainable mobility (eco driving), indoor and outdoor location, traceability and non sedentary staff security applications.
Nomadic Solutions designs products and solutions issued from its own R&D activity such as EcoGyzer range, eco driving tool which has been awarded many times; or Wikiwalk for collaborative vocal guidance pedestrian system; or Bag’N Watts, IT bag which charges your mobile items (Silver medal at Lepine Innovation Contest 2014).
To date, Nomadic Solutions sold more than 80000 embedded units, through integrators and VARs (Value Added Reseller) network acting in France, Europe and all over the world.
Nomadic Solutions is a SAS (Société par Actions Simplifiée) company with a capital of 795 k€ located in Melun – France.
Member of competitiveness clusters such ADVANCITY and MOVEO, Nomadic Solutions proposes its offer to integrator and VAR as B2B2B business model.

An innovative company

Nomadic Solutions, form its birth, has always been attracted by innovative solutions in its activity domain. In the early years, Nomadic benefits from Jeune Entreprise Innovante status and now on continue to get Credit Impot Recherche in order to finance its own R&D tasks.

Continuous quality care

Nomadic Solutions gives appropriate answers to sustainable mobility issues thanks to adequate design of stable and innovative products and to wise solution selection. It is based upon NITC (New Information and Communication Technologies) suitable integration such as GSM/GPRS, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, TextToSpeech, etc…

Recently, Indoor Location Technology, based on Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0, has been added to Nomadic’s offer to complete its product range.  

And definitely, Nomadic Solutions lays great emphasis on collaborative values founding its own success.


An experienced team at your service

equipe NS From left to right hand side :
pictoLin Emmanuel CASTAING, Technical Manager,
pictoLin Philippe ORVAIN, CEO Co Founder,
pictoLin Louise MANARANCHE, Management Assistant,
pictoLin Sonia LARIVE, Sales Manager,
pictoLin Thierry MAHOUDEAU, Technical Assistant,
pictoLin Patrick MINOT, CEO Co FounderClick on pictoLin to find us on LinkedIn

Company history

From its creation in 2003, Nomadic Solutions participated to many events and has been awarded from several orgaisms.

2003 :
• Creation in May – Vocation : exclusive distribution of AVL product from Taiwanese company, Systems & Technology
• Laureat of Melun Val de Seine Initiative (start up award and unsecured loan)

2004 :
• First « X8 Breakfast »
• 1 000th X8 unit sold by Nomadic
• Laureat Réseau Entreprendre (Sud Ile de France) – start up award and unsecured loan

2005 :
• Laureat « Masters de la création d’entreprise », organised by Senat
• SITL 2005 exhibition
• Partnership with Taiwanese company Wonde Proud

2007 :
• 10 000th AVL sold by Nomadic
• CeBIT 2007 and SITL 2007 exhibition
• ADVANCITY Competitiveness cluster member (ex Ville et Mobilité Durables)

2008 :
• 20 000 th AVL unit sold by Nomadic
• 10th « NS Breakfast » event – 5th Nomadic birthday event
• Laureat PM’UP Région Ile de France

2009 :
• Ecodriving solution launch : EcoGyzer (PDA Windows Mobile version) Laureat KickApps Microsoft
• 30 000 th AVL unit sold by Nomadic
• Nomadic at Board of Directors of Advancity Clsuter

2010 :
• e-shopping www.nomadic-store.com
• Laureat of Consumer Computer Trophy by Syntec
• Eco citizenship Trophy at IP convergence exhibition

• EcoGyzer on EV (Electric Vehicle) – G2Mobility
• Laureat of Futur en Seine (Région Ile de France) with Wikiwalk and HAIP (Indoor Positioning)

• EcoGyzer on Orange Business Services AVL units

• 80 000 th AVL units sold by Nomadic
• 20th « NSBreakfast » event
• Nomadic member of competitiveness cluster MOVEO
• Bag’n Watts launch