• X1 500x375

X1+ Intellitrac

A GPS / GPRS housing with RS232 and update firmware remotely.ance.

Product Description

A GPS / GPRS housing with RS232 and update firmware remotely.


Vehicle Location
Monitoring Vehicle security
Management Fleet Management
Location Based service.

Get Position
Tracking (by time interval, distance)
Interval or Intelligent mode
Journey Logging
Geo-Fencing control
Remote output control
Main power low / lost alarm
Backup battery power low Alarm
Power Management
Battery back-up capacity for more than 3 days
Mileage Report
Tow Alarm
Voice Communication
Voice Wiretapping
User defined report alarm
Unit Password setting
GSM / GPRS simultaneously
Firmware upgrade remotely (via CS Data / GPRS)
GPS antenna disconnect / cut alarm

GPS Receiver
GSM Antenna
I / O / Power combined cable
RS 232 configuration cable
Back up Battery – Optional

Hardware Specification
GPS Receiver : 12 Channels (Xtrac SirfII or SirfIII)
Datum : WGS-84
Power Source : 8-30 V DC
Power Consumption : less than 43mA @ 12V DC in standby mode(GPS on , GSM on), less than 13mA@12V DC in deep sleep mode
Temperature : -40°C ~ +85°C
Communication : GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900, Voice, SMS, GPRS TCP/UDP, CS Data
Communication : 1 RS-232 serial port, Default Baud Rate : 57600bps (configurable) Input Port : 4 digital inputs (2 positive trigger, 2 negative trigger)
Output Port : 4 outputs (negative trigger)
Back-up battery : Li-Polymer, 1900mA (optional)
Dimensions : 90 mm X 66 mm X 30 mm
Weight : 130 g.
Interface : RS 232