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NS 100 personal GPS beacon

Nomadic Solutions markets the NS100, a small powerful personal assistant which sends its GPS position in GSM / GPRS / SMS

Product Description

Nomadic Solutions markets the NS-100, a little personal assistant more powerful allowing the lift GPS positions in GSM / GPRS / SMS

NS100B NS100C
For his protection, specific covers or waterproof cases are available


NS100 is a small and powerful GPS, GPRS/SMS tracking device which is designed for personal remote positioning and emergency reporting.

Instantly locate and report your location by using GPS, SMS/GPRS solution, three quick dial keys for emergency calls, and one panic button for emergency alarm, NS100 is your best choice for remote positioning and security companion.

The NS100 can be used for the safety of people with degenerative diseases or monitoring children.

We can ask him a position in SMS mode as it can transmit alerts. It can be connected in GPRS mode and return its positions in real time on web platforms that have developed an interface with the NS100.

3 of 5 buttons are configurable and allow emergency calls, but you can also use NS100 as a real mobile phone.

Advanced functions allow you to activate the control zone (geofencing), motion alerts, alerts on battery level, etc …

Its small size and light weight make it an indispensable companion for Security and geolocation.

– communication GPS/GSM/GPRS

– storing more 100 000 points – positioning, monitoring and alarm reporting on people

– button SOS for emergency alarms

– Battery Li-ion 1100 mAh (or 2200 mAh in its version Long Life – ref NS100LL)

– Dimensions : 80 x 51 x 26 mm