Product Description

Nomadic Solutions deploys HAIP technology from QUUPPA. This High Accuracy Indoor Positioning system allows to locate persons or assets with an accuracy of 50cm, because it has many advantages:

– Low consumption
– No radio map to perform (50cm geolocation radio spectrum as a single tag)
– Technology based on 4 Bluetooth low energy components:

– Long battery life
– Wide compatibility
– Low electromagnetic pollution

We are able to carry out the first studies. Do not hesitate to contact us !

That is what it is:

– The tags are interconnected (RJ45POE cables).
– Under a single beacon is geolocates a tag (unique identifier) to 50 cm close
– More beacons are set high (50m max) over the coverage is wide.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the the very near future phones with low energy modules Bluetooth4 (! Almost all) can be geolocated and vector transmission of their position in door in the tags. No need to tag, beacons and infrastructure remains unchanged.

The example below shows the sufficient infrastructure to the stands of a stadium.

The beacon 25 cm diametergeolocalisation indoor2


geolocalisation indoor3

The tag

geolocalisation indoor4

geolocalisation indoor5