• NS10 RF tag
  • NS 10RF

NS 10RF GPS+RFID+Ecodriving

A case of Low Cost vehicle tracking, RFID 2.4 GHz transmitter and a function Ecodriving.

Product Description

 NS10 is a smart , low cost and compact GPS/GPRS vehicle tracking device which is designed for vehicle real time tracking and monitoring use. NS10 is suitable for many applications such as vehicle security, asset/fleet management, etc… and for ecodriving issues. A high performance,low cost GPS/GRS vehicle tracking device with RFID active 2,4GHZ transmitter and ecodriving function.

For harsh environment installation, NS 10RF exits in weatherproof version (see NS 10WP)

ECOGYER NS10RF integrate now EcoGyzer algotithm and allow you to get driver attitude (note), fuel consumption and carbon footprint assesment at the end of the route (128 bytes).

Firmware standard EcoGyzer (compatible with existing platforms)

Simplified parameterization vehicle (category / power)

– Data in real time: eco-driving advice attitudes refreshed notes to each board emission

– Data at end of course (APC contact cut off)

– Harvesting of eco-driving information : note ecodriving acceleration, braking, speed drive type(time and distance) consumption, CO2 impact, engine rpm

Active RFID tags for NS10RF device:

NS 10RFB Tag TG90RF -active RF2,4 GHz – unique identifier in association with NS10RF device – with battery – 4 to 6 months approx depending upon use – active tag without button.
NS 10RFC Does exist with 4 buttons remote control.
 Nota: TG90RF the tags emit a standard ID every 30 seconds. Lower transmission frequency can to maximize the battery life, or more important for other applications.

Key product features:

Tracking (by time interval, distance interval or smart mode)

Active RIFD identification (3 to 5 meters reading distance)

Ecodriving function (EcoGyzer)

Position logging capacity up to 100,000+ waypoints

Power low/lost alert

Emergency alert

Self defined events reporting

Geofencing management

Mileage report

Power management

Speeding alert

GSM/GPRS communication simultaneously

Device configurable over the air

Firmware upgrading over the air

– GPS : built in 20 channels

– GSM quadband

– RFID : 2,4 GHz

– 4 digital inputs (or 2 digital + 2 analog)

– 4 digital outputs

– 1 mini USB connector

– Internal back up battery 1100mAh

– power supply: 8 to 30V

– Sizes: 60 x 27 x 77 mm

– Weight : 100g